How to Spend It Magazine Travelista, April 2008

April 2008

World’s Sexiest Pools:

Hotel pools are inherently sexy. It’s a truth that Hollywood has long understood: From 1940s scenes of Esther Williams in the Raleigh’s curvaceous pool to Chevy Chase cavorting with Christie Brinkley in National Lampoon’s Vacation, there’s something slightly illicit about all that rippling water, whispering that you should shed your clothes. Some pools are special …

How to Spend It Magazine Travelista, Jan 2008

January Column

Mozambique: Once and Future Eden: Conde Nast Traveler US

Mozambique is an African hope fulfilled: recovered from a civil war and balancing the conservation of great natural beauty with sophisticated resorts. Ondine Cohane explores an Indian Ocean renaissance


Call it travel evolution. While some vacationers always turn to the Same Old year after year (Mickey!), the ever-curious vanguard are on the hunt for the Next. Sometimes their discoveries are exotic and far-flung, other times they are the once-beloved places seeing a renaissance. The 10 places you’ll be hearing about this year share a …

Istanbul Spotlight: Sherman’s Travel

Istanbul has always boasted an awe-inspiring mix of history, architecture, and atmosphere stemming from its melting-pot Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman past. But recently is has embarked on yet another change. A strong economy and new openness has meant that everything from contemporary art to music to nightlife has blossomed… Read full article…

Where to Go Next: Florence: Food & Wine Magazine


A man’s guide to the coolest city on the Planet

A Gallic Surfing Safari

Ondine Cohane scours the French countryside for gnarly waves and tasty oysters

Brazil’s New Beat

Halfway between Rio and São Paulo, Ondine Cohane discovers hidden beaches, colonial villages, and palmy, pristine deserted islands.