A New Crop of Hotels in South America’s Wine Countries (Conde Nast Traveler)

For more than a decade, South American winemakers have been striving to put their bottles on a par with those from Napa or France. As we all know, they’ve made great strides—Argentinean wines climbed Wine Spectator’s Top 100 lists in recent years—so what more do they require? New hotels. READ FULL STORY AND ALL MY PICKS

Insider’s Guide to Corsica (Conde Nast Traveler)

Don’t mention France. Corsica’s citizens don’t think much of being part of its domain, and after you visit this “mountain in the sea,” you may well understand why. From its culture to its cuisine to its wild white sand beaches and formidable interior, Corsica feels a world apart. Endowed with quiet fishing villages, a clear Caribbean-like …

Packing for Five Countries, 21 Flights, 25 Beds, and Two Seasons (Conde Nast Traveler)

Every winter my family and I take an epic trip that usually lasts more than two months. This year our itinerary includes Bhutan, Thailand and the Philippines. Our challenge: to fit everything into one checked bag for my toddler and me, one carry-on, and a small handbag.  READ FULL STORY

Eating Among Locals on a Venetian Island, (NY Times)

If beautiful Murano glass is a strong draw to the Venetian Lagoon island, camera-snapping groups clogging the canals, and the cookie-cutter restaurants hoping to sell them a pizza along the way, can have the opposite effect. But thanks to a culinary newcomer, there’s a reason to return.   READ FULL REVIEW OF ACQUASTANCA

Globetrotter Column for Brazil Vogue