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Just do it on the cheap. It will be cooler and sexier, and trust us, she’ll never notice.READ ARTICLE

MEXICO’S OAXACA: AHEAD OF THE WAVEConde Nast Traveler UK September 2009

The Mexican State of Oaxaca offers culture, cuisine, sun, surf and some seriously good deals. Go now before word gets out, says Ondine Cohane. CLICK TO READ

ECUADOR: SMALL WONDER Conde Nast Traveler US August 2009

Take the highest mountains outside of Asia, add English meadows, Alpine cows, and Amazonian rain forest, and mix with the Spanish and Incan cultures, and you get some idea of the extraordinary assets of the tiny country called Ecuador. Which is, says Ondine Cohane, one of Latin America’s best kept secretsMORE

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Understated Luxury in Mexican Riviera: Financial Times

This high-end hotel seeks to minimise its impact on the environment, says Ondine Cohane MORE…

Fontainebleau Hotel: Sunshine and Stardust: Financial Times

A s soon as it opened in 1954, the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami was bathed in A-list glamour.MORE…

Affordable Europe: Conde Nast Traveler US

Everything you would expect, plus a whole lot more for a whole lot less: Ondine Cohane finds four rising destinations that rival the qualities of the familiar classics without either the crowds or the cost. How does $2,500 a week sound, including the flight across the pond? The quest begins with a Mediterranean port, then …

Not Your Godfather’s Sicily: Conde Nast Traveler US

Away from the island’s familiar sweet spots, a new generation of Sicilians is reshaping its wine, food, and hotels: "Our vocation," says one, "is to make Sicily less rough but still authentic." Mission accomplished. Ondine Cohane discovers an old place with a new lease on life

How to Spend It Magazine Travelista, December 2008


Travel in 2009? With Wall Street and Main Street gasping, and paranoia rampant? Well, we can think of no better time to shut off CNBC and get a breath of fresh air. Each year, we comb the globe looking for the emerging places that will be on everybody’s lips two years from now (and when, …